Book and eBook Editorial and Production

-  The CEO Next Door


-  Never Eat Alone

Ghostwriting (revised edition)

-  Power UP 


-  The CMO's Social Media Handbook 

Developmental editorial; art direction; project mgmt; publishing; on sale Sept 2014

-  Dare: Straight Talk on Confidence, Courage and Career for Women in Charge 

Developmental editorial; Oct '13 release from Jossey-Bass

-  Saving the World on a Shoestring: Your Guide to Launching a Social Enterprise

Development editorial

-  30 Before 30: Traveling Under the Influence

Developmental editorial; project mgmt; published fall 2013

-  Runner's Discovery Journal 

Writer, editor, publisher (under Grace Memoirs)

-  Who's Got Your Back

Development editorial on Keith Ferrazzi's bestseller

-  All for a Few Perfect Waves

Interview transcription/editing on bestselling author David Rensin's oral history

Editorials, articles & blog samples

-  I Got Botox -  The Noncomformist's Bridal Diet -  The Legendary Lower East Side Rat Killer 

Personal Essays

-  I’m a Fraud – Are You?  -  A Good Employer Won’t Ask to Peek at Your Privates  

myGreenight Blog

-  Surf’s Up: Why Bill and Ted are the quintessential Americans  -  The FBI Files: Federally funded art takes on new meaning  -  Bitch Goddess: Ann Coulter’s perverse appeal  -  Porous Border: How Mexican Migrants Change Themselves – and the U.S.  

Reason Magazine

Content marketing samples

-  myGreenlight  


-  Newsletter: KeithFerrazzi.com 


-  Greenlight Group Launch Kit (from Keith Ferrazzi's Who's Got Your Back launch) 

Book Marketing Collateral

Screencasting & webinar Hosting Samples

-  myGreenlight Demo Video 

Screencasting, Scripts/Voice

-  The Social Capitalist: Patty Azzarello 


-  The Social Capitalist: Reid Hoffman