- Becky Blalock, former CIO, Southern Company

“Sara Grace is an extremely talented writer. She got my book Dare (publishing October 2013 from Jossey-Bass) back on track and saved me a lot of time. I just wish I had involved her in the process sooner. If you'd like to discuss her further, ask her for my number! - Becky Blalock, author and former CIO, Southern Company”

Praise Becky Blalock
- Tahl Raz, co-author of Never Eat Alone

“Sara Grace is one of my favorite collaborators. She makes order out of chaos, never misses a deadline, and is guaranteed to be up to speed on whatever’s new and interesting in digital publishing and business books.”

Praise Tahl Raz
- Aiden Livingston, Author

“Sara Grace was literally the saving grace for my book Saving the World on a Shoestring. She has such an amazing sense of what a book needs, and will make you sound much smarter than you actually are.

And as difficult as finishing a book can be, Sara's upbeat and positive demeanor will be the proverbial spoonful of sugar.

If you have the opportunity to work with Sara on your project, take it.”

Praise Aiden Livingston